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AC and Heating Myth about Saving Energy

The HVAC system is designed to work efficiently and maintain the desired temperature in the home. No matter how efficient the system is it can be costly to use during extremely hot summer days and freezing winter nights.  Many people will close up rooms that they do not use every day because they think this will save them money.  This is a commonly believed myth that can do more harm than good.  The local heating and AC repair man explains:

Most people believe closing a bedroom door will improve HVAC efficiency by reducing the space that needs to be heated or cooled.  They are convinced this practice will lower their energy bills.  To the average homeowner this makes good economical sense.  Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the seldom used room is not necessary.

According to the local heating and cooling specialist the opposite is actually true.  Closing doors blocks airflow and creates pressure in the room.  The trapped air will find a way out and the lost air will need to be replaced.  This can actually increase the amount of air being drawn and result in significantly higher energy expenses.

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The replacement will find its way in through sources like the chimney, water heater or furnace vent and cause the home to be drafty.  Because the air isn’t coming through the furnace or AC, it is not filtered, so it can be dirty, dusty, humid and it can be a carbon monoxide risk.  Keeping rooms closed up can cause damage to your home or danger to the family in the form of high carbon monoxide levels or possible mold or mildew growth.

The good news is there are several ways to solve this issue.  The easiest way would be to cut about 12 – 14 inches off the bottom of the door, but it doesn’t look nice at all.  Few people will sacrifice aesthetics for energy savings.  Leaving the door open is even better, but doesn’t work for people who like to keep doors closed to hide a messy room or keep pets and children out.

The best, but costly and labor intensive solution is to install cold air returns in every room.   This is the best way to maintain even airflow throughout the entire house when doors are closed.  Another idea is to have transfer grills installed in the door to improve airflow in closed up rooms.  These should only be installed by a qualified heating and cooling specialist to ensure proper air circulation.  Improper installation will not guarantee the desired results.

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Simply keeping bedroom doors closed is not the way to improve HVAC efficiency and may actually increase utility bills.  Leaving r doors open, installing cold air returns or putting in transfer grills are all effective ways to improve air circulation and save energy.  Read Energy Efficient Home Heating and Cooling to learn more.

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