One of the most common causes of a major A/C breakdown is a contaminated sealed system. Even if an air conditioner’s compressor still works like a charm, dirty or defective filter driers can often fail to protect the system from outside contaminants, leading to a costly repair down the road.

These parts are designed to keep your A/C system clean by absorbing water and acid, while simultaneously filtering out any solid debris that’s found its way in. If your air conditioner isn’t running at peak performance, it may be time to replace this component.

Our Selection of Driers

If your A/C system’s drier is old, dirty, or hasn’t been installed correctly, it runs the risk of being damaged over time. For it to run smoothly and efficiently, it needs to have a clean filter drier that’s been properly installed and is the correct size and type for your model. That’s why we offer a selection of replacement AC drier Tampa types including:

  • Suction Line Drier
  • Bi Flow Drier
  • Filter Drier

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