Drain Pans

Drain Pans

One of the most common DIY replacement parts we sell for HVAC systems are A/C drain pans. These components can become worn out or damaged fairly easily, but are critical to the health and safety of your HVAC system, and your home.

When your air conditioner runs, condensation builds up around the evaporator coils. This buildup of condensation eventually forms into drops of water which will drop down to the floor. The drain pan is designed to catch any condensed liquid and prevent it from causing damage elsewhere.

Our Selection of Drain Pans

Our Tampa area store offers dependable, long-lasting drain pan home and window air conditioner parts made from the highest-quality materials. They include wide gauge, heavy duty steel construction, as well as deep pan walls to prevent overflow. And you can even remove excess fluids easily with an external drain nipple.

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