November is by far the busiest month of the year for oven repairs due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Many people discover at the last minute that their oven isn’t heating and have to learn how to replace a bake element in an oven. 

How to Tell If Your Bake Element Needs to Be Replaced

There are plenty of potential causes for an oven not heating properly. Your gas oven’s bake igniter could fail or its control board could malfunction, but the most common cause for electric models is a defective bake element. Luckily, learning how to replace a bake element in an oven is easy!

Tools & Parts Required

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • New bake element for your make and model

Steps to Replace Bake Element in Oven

Before you start unscrewing things, make sure to disconnect the power to the range or oven by unplugging it from the wall or turning off the breakers. Then you can begin your work safely.

Step #1 – Remove Oven Racks

Start by opening your oven door and pulling out the oven racks one by one. You may have to tilt them up to get them all the way out.

replace heating element

Step #2 – Unscrew & Remove Bottom Oven Panel

Ignore this step if your bake element is visible, but most newer ovens use a hidden element covered by a panel. Unscrew the panel in the rear corners and remove it from the unit.

oven not heating properly

Step #3 – Unscrew Bake Element

Heating elements are kept in place by two screws near the front, and one screw in the rear between the terminals. Unscrew all three, but don’t lose them!

change oven heating element

Step #4 – Remove Wires from Heating Element

Gently pull the element away from the rear oven wall and use needle nose pliers to disconnect each wire from its terminal. Inspect the terminals for corrosion and wear.

replace oven heater

Step #5 – Attach Wires to New Heating Element

Still using your needle nose pliers, repeat step #4 in reverse by snugly attaching the wire leads to the terminals on your new element.

how to install bake element

Step #6 – Replace Element Screws and Bottom Oven Panel

Reattach the element to the oven base using the three screws from before, then reinstall the bottom oven panel and securely screw it into place as well.

change oven heater

For more information on how to replace a bake element in an oven, view the complete video here. And visit Appliance Parts Store Tampa today for your model’s heating element!