HVAC Maintenance Checklist

All heating and cooling equipment requires maintenance to prevent problems and ensure longevity.  HVAC maintenance prevents hazards and unwanted repair costs. Be sure to have your heating and cooling contractor do regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance to keep your system operating safely and efficiently.

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Here is an HVAC Maintenance Checklist so you know what to expect:

Heating and Cooling System Inspection and Maintenance

  • Thermostat settings for comfort when home or energy savings when away
  • Check electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors. Faulty connections can be a safety hazard and cause damage to major components.
  • Lubricate moving parts to avoid inefficient operation and damage caused by friction
  • Check the condensate drain in the central air conditioner, furnace and heat pump to prevent water damage to the home and control humidity
  • Check all system controls to ensure safe and proper operation during entire cycle
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils to maintain peak performance and efficiency
  • Check the refrigerant level and adjust f necessary
  • Clean and adjust blower components to provide proper airflow for greater comfort levels
  • Check gas connections and heat exchanger.  Bad connections cause leaks which can be a fire hazard and a waste of energy.  A dirty burner or cracked heat exchanger can be a carbon monoxide hazard and lead to inefficient operation.
  • DIY HVAC Maintenance – Inspect, clean or change air filters as specified in the service manual.  A dirty filter can increase energy costs and lead to system failure.

This HVAC System Maintenance Checklist can be used by the DIY enthusiast or the homeowner who wants to be sure the contractor is doing a thorough job.  Keeping the system working properly will make a big difference in energy savings. Read Energy Efficient Home Heating and Cooling to learn more.

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