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The ARUF is a multi-position, energy efficient air handler.


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Goodman ARUF Air Handler

When it comes to controlling the climate in your home, an air handler is the best option when using electricity instead of gas. Whether your HVAC system is heating or cooling, you need a powerful air handling unit to circulate and regulate the air in your home. That’s why if you need an air handler in Tampa, we’ve got you covered.

The Goodman ARUF is a multi-position, energy-efficient air handling unit that will improve the efficiency of your system’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. You won’t find another air handler Tampa that saves you more on monthly utility costs than the ARUF.

It’s new design also makes maintenance easier than ever, and this model meets all current EPA standards and laws. The Goodman ARUF’s top features include:

  • SmartFrame substructure
  • All-aluminum evaporator coil
  • Direct-drive, multi-speed motor
  • Transformer & blower time-delay
  • Field-installed electric heat available
  • Improved water management


SmartFrame Sub-Structure

One of the biggest upgrades made to the Goodman ARUF air handler is the new SmartFrame Sub-Structure. This newly-designed inner skeleton serves to not only additional insulation retention and lateral chassis stability, but also to provide easy mounting options for internal components.

Goodman’s new design makes this air handler Tampa nearly bulletproof while also improving efficiency and ease of use. Some of this model’s structural upgrades include:

  • 21″ depth for easy access in attics or tight spaces
  • Foil-faced insulation to retain heat and reduce noise
  • 4-way multi-positioning using coil mounting track
  • No tools required to access and replace filter

If you’re planning on adding or replacing an air handling unit in your home, the Goodman ARUF offers the most features at the most affordable price. Learn more about this model now.

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