Air Return Grill

Air return grille with durable steel construction in white.

You may find several different types of air vent cover throughout your home, and none are more important than an air return grill. This vent is where the air gets sucked back into your HVAC system for recirculation throughout your home.

The air return grille is also what holds in the filters that are used to remove dirt and debris from the air. If you’re installing a new venting system or need to replace your return air grille, check out our high-quality steel replacements. We’re your one-stop-shop for all of your air return grill Tampa needs.


Steel Air Return Grill, 1/2″ Fin Spacing

  • All-steel construction
  • 1/2″ spaced fins set at 40 degrees
  • Conceals filter
  • Use standard 1″ thick disposable filters (not included)
  • Removable face for easy cleaning and installation
  • Adjustable filter retainers
  • Bright white finish


Product # 190RF20X20