Suction Line Drier

Suction line filter drier protects the compressor from dirt and all solid contaminants.


The compressor is the heart of your AC system, which is why it needs protection from being damaged by contaminants. A suction line drier achieves this by filtering out solid debris while absorbing contaminants like water or acid. Your AC’s suction line drier needs to be clean and working properly in order for the sealed system to operate at peak performance. Our Tampa store carries suction line driers made of:

  • Solid copper fittings
  • Dual access valves
  • Corrosion resistant epoxy powder paint finish
Dimension (Top to Bottom): 2 ½”
Dimensions (End to End): 6 9/16″
Connection Type: ODF
Connection Size: ⅝”
MWP: 500 psig
Filtration: 40 Microns
Unit size cubic inch: 16

Product #SSLD165S